Notes from a Retreat-Prelude

Glory to Jesus Christ!

This past December 31st-January 2nd (2010-2011), I had the privilege to spend a few days at Holy Resurrection Monastery, which is currently in Valyermo, California, but will be moving to Wisconsin quite shortly. The title and topic of the retreat was Luminous Darkness, which was a wonderful series of meditations on the writings of Dionysius the Areopagite (who is shown in the icon below). I’ve held onto these notes since January. Not having an ideal forum to post them until now, I’m pleased to share my notes that were taken from the talks given by Fr. Maximos.


I’ll post them once a day (or so) over the next few days, dividing them by the lectures that were given. I hope they bless you 1/100th as much as they blessed me. For now, I recommend this brief clip of Fr. Maximos discussing a bit about what involuntary sin means to Eastern Christian Fathers.


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