The Future of the Byzantine Catholic Church in America

I was blessed to recently attend part of the ByzanTEEN youth rally, which is held every other year by my Mother Church, the Byzantine (Ruthenian) Catholic Church in the United States. In addition to praying some services with the bishops, clergy, and (mostly) young folk who were there, I was thankful to be able to help an effort to share about vocations in the church. We have put together a video series that serves to help a vocations page. It can be found on Facebook here.

This video series from the rally has been put onto Youtube in segments, and the eighth segment contains some of my favorite responses, because it is about such an important question. In this clip, we ask what is hoped for the future of our Church. The harmony of responses among our interviewees is very evident and beautiful to observe.

You can see the video below:

On this site, I’ve recently tried to offer some thoughts on how we can live out our future in the light of our ancient heritage and patrimony. In addition, many other factors may contribute to this mission of sharing the light of the east. Ultimately, our vision of having a message that becomes louder and clearer through a more faithful living out of our Tradition was wonderful to capture in this vocations video, and I hope that more and more people hear these words and try to put them into practice.

Through the prayers of our holy Fathers, O Lord Jesus Christ Our God, have mercy on us!


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