Eastern Catholics Speaking on the New Evangelization

Glory to Jesus Christ!

It has been awhile since I’ve last posted on this blog. Many things in life have spoken to me, and there have been many negative stories that tempted me to write, but I think I’d like to resume writing by sharing something that is quite positive.

Abbot Nicholas of Holy Resurrection Monastery recently spoke on the New Evangelization, and shows how Eastern Catholics have a fresh vision to incorporating both the Ancient mark of the Apostolic Faith, and the Newness of the New Evangelization.

Among other points he states:

“If we really are Catholics formed deeply…with the rich heritage of the Church….then we will be in a much better position to keep our faith and to give it to our children effectively…

If we only know Western Christianity, if we only know the Roman Catholic Church, we are not Catholic. We need to rediscover the fullness of our faith, what Pope John Paul II called ‘breathing with both lungs’…”

And later:

“So we have a fresh way and in many ways a more appealing way to the modern mind of preaching the fundamentals of the Faith…we can present in a different way the Apostolic Tradition of the Church which is as Apostolic, the same as in the Roman Catholic Church, but in different language, in different theology, in different structure that people haven’t heard before.  It is not new, it is equally Apostolic, and is not novel and yet it’s new to people because they haven’t heard it before.”

See here for the video of his talk:



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